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sometimes i feel that no one cares about me anymore and that i m not

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. Trust Me. Time Spent With People Who Care About You Is Priceless

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Nobody Cares About Me Quotes

hate it when someone tells me they care but their actions show me

says, Who cares, But then my heart whispers, You do, stupid | quotes

dont care what people think about me, im fashionable in my way

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Care Quote: When you truly care for someone, their

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Don’t Care For People, Who Don’E Care For Me ” ~ Sad Quote

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, just someone who cares enough to be with me through everything

Nobody said you had to like me… | livelovelard

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Lately Ive had a few people write me through Facebook and say, Id

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No Body Cares About Me Quotes

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dont care whether people like me or dislike me. Im not on earth to

The people who really care | About You, Im Hurt and My Life

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