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Quotes Against Slavery

Racism is mon sense and has no place in our society.

George Washington addresses the Constitutional Convention. Painting by

Illustration of North vs. South over Slavery Expansion Issues

Founding urtesy Native

Cinque prigionieri cinesi vengono sepolti vivi.

The Wattree Chronicle: WHY I LOVE BEING BLACK

State sponsored Islamic supremacism over highways approaching Mecca

Photographs of Lynching Victims

Better World Quotes - Labor


for slavery a large number of americans wanted to keep slavery

Why do Liberals think that government should take care of them from

The Disaffected Lib: In America, Jim Crow Rides Again

JimBobby Sez: Jesus Cartoons

Prolific Writer, Paul Gallico

Lord Robert Clive meeting with Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey

EVERYONE who supported slavery was free. EVERYONE who support abortion

soccer-The goal was scored a little bit by the hand of God, another