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the timeto think about what would cause the other person to feel good


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to feel less lost and more found. I want with desperation to be wanted

want him to get a good feel of the game. We just wanted to keep him

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Do you want to feel wanted? Win the lottery, see how many more fake

want to be experiencing.. Feel your thoughtsthink your feelings

forever never let you forget it baby i want to make you feel wanted

she didnt need to be saved; she just needed to feel loved More

want to make you feel wanted

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is feeling safe, feeling loved and feeling wanted. I… | Pinterest

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need a hug, not just a quick hug, but a long tight hug to make me feel

you be And I have but I get this gut feeling it isnt so I want

Murphy - I didnt want it to feel like a slasher movie, I wanted

just want to feel wanted by someone who loves me and wants to be

Everyone Needs To Be Needed, Wants To Be Wanted, And Loves To Be Loved

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e to

everyone needs to be needed wants to be wanted and loves to be loved


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