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No to Negotiations with the Blood-Sucking , Warmongering Descendants

So Raven starThank God Dorners DeadCause People Thought I Was Him


Adoration of the Magi, by Fray Juan Bautista Mauno

Elegant Cocktail Buffet and Painting by M-J de Mesterton

Arrogant Quotes Quotes from amber liu

would be, The less you react to rude, critical, argumentative people

Richard Dawkins Quotes We Are All Going To Die

Prior to ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ

okay…I know what you’re thinking. You probably think that I hate

Ignorant People

President Nasser and wife, back in an era when the idea

Howard Hughes (Image Source: Famous Texans)

People just think Im stuck up or just hate them. They have no

Altruistic Victim™ Stealth Jihadist & President Carter

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CAIR’s “ consistent policy ” Stealth Supremacist Victim™

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Oh, Ive known quite a few people like this. They cant come right out

Irresponsible American Parents Cause Death and Disease